Terminal 1

McCarran International Airport operates on two terminals that have 110 aircraft gates spread across. Terminal 1 is dedicated to domestic flights only, while Terminal 3 (the name for the second terminal) operates domestic and pre-cleared on non-cleared international flights.

McCarran International Airport’s Terminal 1 houses many large domestic airline carriers, such as American, Southwest, Delta, Spirit Airways, and US Airways. It consists of A, B, C, and D gates; however, remember that to get to D gates, you need to use an automated transit system between terminals.

The building was completed in 1963.

Out of five security checkpoints of McCarran International Airport, three are located in Terminal 1. These are the A/B Checkpoint, the C Annex, and the C/D checkpoint. The A/B checkpoint, C/D annex, and C/D checkpoints have 8, 13, and 17 screening lanes accordingly.

All airlines operating from A, B, C, and D gates share one baggage claim area that is located on Level 1 of Terminal 1.

Terminal 1 also has a spacious 6000-space parking garage a features a variety of shopping, entertainment, and dining services. Except for chain restaurants, you can opt for healthy foods by trying Fresh Market on the go, to pack your salads before the flight. Flatbreadz is also a popular option that offers a variety of dishes, soups, sandwiches, salads, and so on.

Terminal 1 also houses one of the most visited museums in Nevada, which is called Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum, located on Level 2, where you can learn and view the general history of commercial aviation in the state of Nevada.